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Some students have been encountering problems with using youtube and twitter feeds in Yahoo Pipes. Unpredictably, sometimes pipes using yahoo and twitter will fail. This is due to the fact that youtube and twitter have limits on how frequently a single source can send them requests, so ocassionally yahoo pipes will exceed those limits and the pipes will not work for a small period of time.

This ia fault of yahoo/twitter/youtube so if you are encountering the problem of a twitter or youtube based pipe infrequently failing, you will not be marked down for it. However a few students are becoming frustrated when testing their sites and wanted to know how to work around this, so if you feel like you want to improve the reliability of your mashup because you’d like it to be public and always usable, or because you’re a perfectionist, read on –

Making your Youtube pipe more reliable

You can apply for your own youtube API key. Youtube blocks yahoo pipes from making too many requests, so if you can identify yourself as a unique non-yahoo pipes entity it will be less likely that your pipe will fail.

Info here: (Click ‘developer key,’ it will take you to the google code page that should let you sign up for a key)

This is what adding a developer key to your youtube search URL looks like:

Reading a Twitter feed with php – bypassing yahoo pipes

If you’re fed up with your twitter feed not working in Yahoo Pipes you can always bypass pipes altogether and read your twitter feed straight into your page. Of course, this means you can only use one feed, so if you want to aggregate a lot of feeds together, stick to pipes.

This would look something like this:

    $feed = file_get_contents('');

    $tweets = simplexml_load_string($feed);

    foreach($tweets->channel->item as $tweet) {
        $title = $tweet->title;
        echo $title .     

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