Week 6 – Feeds and PHP

Before the end of this week, double check these things:

  • Your tumblr URL was correctly submitted to the discussion board
  • Your name is somewhere clearly visible on your tumblr (eg in your description on the side of you page)
  • Your two posters AND all the research, discussion, and expanded content that lead up to your posters are all there on your tumblr
  • If you uploaded a pdf of your poster to your Dropbox, check that you uploaded it in your public Dropbox folder. If it’s not in the public folder, I can’t see it. Please double check your link while on one of the QUT computers, or any computer not associated with your Dropbox account – if you can’t download it then, neither can I.


Wireframing is extremely important – jump straight into a page design with no plan, and you tend to get hung up on the details. Wireframing lets you explore the basic structure, information organisation, and navigation of your page without clutter. Use pencil and paper and go for it.

Here are the ‘five commandments of wireframing’ I found – http://boagworld.com/design/wireframing-rules/

  • Thou shall not neglect to wireframe
  • Thou shall not wireframe alone (Not so important now, but in future when you’re on big projects, this is definitely appropriate)
  • Thou shall not be afraid
  • Thou shall start with pen and paper
  • Thou shall test thy wireframes

Parsing Yahoo Pipes Feeds with PHP

Much of the code for these examples will be repeated for each example, so I have provided you with a template to use a starting point.  Download it from here and extract the files to your web server.

Example 1: One Flickr pipe, one page, with a predefined search.

Example 3: Adding user input to a flickr search. View it here.

Example 2: Multiple pipes on the same page. View it here.

Further examples:

Some tips on getting RSS feeds to use:

Google  – http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/how_to_use_the_new_google_web_feeds.php

Twitter search – http://www.dizzysoft.com/twitter/get-rss-feeds-from-twitter-search/

Page2RSS – http://page2rss.com/

Dave’s Screencasts

Dave has been uploading screencasts of his tutorials to youtube, so if you miss a tutorial or want a refresher, or just want to hear someone other than me explaning things head to his youtube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/davidmichaelwallace

After Easter – 

  • Javascript and JQuery

To do:

Work on your mashups! Keep wireframing, testing, and figuring out what works.

Practice with PHP and Yahoo Pipes

The sooner you start working on the technical end, the more time I’ll have to help you with technical problems!


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