Week 2

Welcome to week 2. As you ease back into the idea of developing for web, it might be valuable to brush up on your HTML and CSS skills. Here are some useful resources:

W3Schools – Great site for getting a handle on the basics.

Net Tuts – Loads of more advanced tutorials, tips, tricks, and articles

A List Apart – A great site with content from CSS positioning basics to thoughtful articles on new web technologies and the design process.

And why not practice your CSS skills on the css Zen Garden?

Things you might want to install:

Firebug – A browser extension that lets you see the underlying html and css on a web page. Perfect for debugging your site. You can highlight something on a page and firebug will show you where in the code that thing is being styled. This will make your life so much easier!

Web Developer – A browser extension that has so many useful features I can’t list them all. You can toggle things like css or images on or off, you can instantly resize your browser window, it can outline block elements so you can easily see how your page is structured, and a lot more. Download it and have a play.

Komodo Edit – If you don’t already have a preferred text editor, this is a nice once.

There are a lot of CSS and HTML resources out there – if you ever get stuck, try googling your problem – you’ll be surprised how many people out there might have struggled with the same thing, and have solutions to offer!

And finally, some valuable insights: The Web Design Community Offers Advice To Beginners

And remember your to do list for this week:

  • Set up your Tumblr, and post the URL on the discussion board
  • Post your Daily Depictions (see the Week 1 lecture notes in case you don’t know what to do) and reblog with some commentary on one of your classmate’s!
  • Post your research and ideas about the top 6 new things on the web to get you started for poster submissions in Week 4.

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